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today is really busy – lots going on at work. big deposit to make and then enter into “the system” while also entering transactions (the bookkeeping hat is my least favorite here) and these are so time and focus consuming. i also have this design competiton to process and i’m hoping that my boss has read and responded to my email. i assume incorrectly that he’ll have a little pile to hand me when i ask him for it.

all of a sudden, it’s 4:45 and i haven’t processed our entry forms for the ReBrand 100 competition and today is the LATE entry post mark deadline. there is no pile prepped at the boss’s desk so i calmly wait for him to sort the collateral that he’s had for three days now (why do they always ignore emails?) so that i can get the forms processed.

it is now 5pm.
i’ve missed the drop box deadline so I call my favorite bike messenger, Mary at Drag Racer (an all girl bike messenger shop where the owner, Mary, rides all day) and tell her i need her help desperately. i babble something into her voicemail about which FedEx spot has the latest deadline and how i would love it if she could show up and wait for me to bring her the box.
[i felt bad about that but needed to ask – I like to save my “need” requests for when it’s desperate.]

she calls back and asks the FedEx guy next to her about deadlines
[the one close to my office] is a good bet she says he says.
sweet, can you be here at 5:15?
totally. will it be ready?
i hope so!

5:15 comes and i’m still having to jump thru hoops for this $350 competition.
plastic sleeve 1 needs this doc.
plastic sleeve 2 needs these docs in triplicate.
everything must be in a three ring binder.
label everything clearly and you won’t get anything back.

i’ve never been so ON in my life. the plastic sleeves are in that room. the binders are in this room. the copier is across the studio. thank goodness my printer is right here.
everything is coming together, in the box and ready to go.


the FedEx website is slow as molasses in winter.
but, Mary is out front prepared to be a drama queen at the fed ex counter – “i just fell off my bike and i’ll get fired if this doesn’t get to the east coast tomorrow and your website is really slow.”
[she’s my girl – she offered the drama.]

the hand off occurs with a request for a call back with the results.

i exhale.

Mary calls
everything is on it’s way east. oh, and, by the way, for future reference, the deadline is 5:40, not 5:30
awesome, so we were only three minutes late rather than 18!
girl, I’m buying you drinks on Friday at 4:20.

gawd i love adrenaline.

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