things I saw at the park

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it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day, and my roommate and I went to brunch.

we ate brunch inside and then decided to go to the park.

we saw my bike messenger friend by the video store.

we all decided to get ice cream and then go to the park – my friend would meet us there.

i chose honey lavender ice cream – one scoop, in a biodegradable cup. my roommate got one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of roasted banana – they were yummy. I liked mine much more but noticed that after eating a bit of the chocolate, I could taste the honey a lot more in mine.

my bike messenger friend didn’t show up so we went to the park without him.

there were a lot of people, in little groups, sitting in the sun, on the grass.

i trod carefully to avoid stepping in any poop. i didn’t see any poop, nor did I tred in any.

we took a couple of Polaroids before we figured out that we wanted to take shots of our hands against nature.

my bike messenger friend found us – he’d gone to get a 20 oz of some hand crafted beer, which he opened with a key.

I saw someone I’m friends with, sitting a few yards away and I waved and smiled. but I did not rise and go say hi. then we talked about park/beach/public lounge area protocol regarding seeing friends and acquaintances.

a man walked up and passed out next to us, on his back, with his face smartly covered by his hat. he lay there with his arms out and his legs splayed, like a baby, and snored. we secretly took a Polaroid of him.

my bike messenger friend got to see a girl’s butt as she put on her bikini under her little dress. that made him happy.

my roommate and I continued our quest for Polaroids of our hands in front of nature while we made our way home. at one point, my roommate was on the ground with the camera and some guys drove by and yelled “i’ve fallen and i can’t get up!” it was funny.

when we got home, we put the Polaroids on the wall where we’d put the tree branch and leaves stickers. the Polaroids look like they’re leaves falling from the tree branches. We like it.

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