shaken but not stirred

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so, i had this exchange with someone on myspace and this person took me TOTALLY wrong. i was told to piss off and then was deleted from friend list. wow.

as this title suggests, i’m shaken. someone thought i was doing something way other than what i was doing and that freaks me out a bit.

as it also suggests, i’m not stirred. i mean really, if someone is that quick to throw a sucker punch on line, what’s to be expected of them in real life??

and that reminds me of a real life friend who did basically the same thing a few years ago. same situation – miscommunication and knee jerk reaction. in the big scheme of things, it’s a good thing as it keeps me from having to walk on eggshells for someone ALL THE TIME.

i can understand if someone i know is going thru something and needs some eggshell steps…but…ALL THE TIME?? that’s just too much for me – i haven’t the time, energy or inclination to deal with that mess.

i’ve got way too much going on in terms of feeling abandoned in life – by GOD (only when i’m not feeling especially pagan), by my parents (yawn – just like everyone) and by some favorite people who have disappeared or turned down their light on my life. i mean, from those things, we all must move on and persevere. the good news is that someone in a silly on-line community who tells me to piss off is the least of my worries.

it still makes me feel a little bad inside – but only for as long as it takes to log out and go live life.

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