Project 40.01.03

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We can be like trees and allow what happens to us to shape the way we continue grow, regardless.

When I don’t feel the way I’d like to feel, I tend to blame things outside myself.

Nothing really came up for me today, so, I searched for “spiritual oracle” and clicked the third link. At Essential Pathways, I got this reading:

Aside from all the mention of “God” – it seems pretty right on. Now, to integrate.
I feel BLAH.

– No sugar.
– Walked about a mile or so.
– Stretched for a few minutes.
– No caffeine for two days now.

Virtue: I tipped the waiter 20% even tho I wasn’t pleased with his style of service. Everything was timely but his manner was irksome enough that I considered tipping lower than usual.
Vice: I saw someone I used to know and was glad when she didn’t recognize me. I quickly left the scene so her memory wouldn’t be jogged.

I’m allowing myself to feel BLAH and relinquishing my need to change BLAH to YAY.

My family makes me happy.

– This is my uncle Danny with me at breakfast the other day.
– We both love that we live in the same city.
– He gave me a place to land when I first got here and he’s been a source of unending support for most of my life.
– He and my mom (his ex-sister-in-law) both came to Iowa to see my BFA exhibit and celebrate my college graduation.
– Every time I reach out to him, he’s got something to offer me – an acupuncture treatment, a joke, dinner, a “you’re ok!” or great advice.
– I feel like my life is easier to deal with because of his presence in it.
– All of those points add up to a huge cosmic basket of gratitude that I don’t express to him often enough.

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair today to see my friend Laree at his booth Horse and Anchor. I looked at every booth and bought nothing (but could have if I weren’t allowing myself the structure of not buying anything right now.)

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