Project 40.01.01

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For this first Project 40, I’m offering my anxiety to the Universe. It comes in many forms and I’m going to work with it everywhere I find it.

Every time I get on the phone with a customer service agent, I try to remember that they are people too but it goes right out the window if they don’t have the ability to answer my question. I have very little patience for customer service agents when they cut me off as I’m explaining something that I think they don’t understand, and need to, about my reason for calling. Very frequently, I hang up (possibly on them) angry and then cry for being an a$sh*le. In my defense, they ARE supposed to be able to help. As a friend says to pens that don’t work: “you have ONE job and can’t even do THAT?!”

One of my goals for this Project 40 is to evolve my relationship with spending money. I’ve taken the credit card from the wallet and am making great efforts to avoid having to spend money on anything but groceries. I ended up having to use my debit card to purchase something for work because I was short $2 in petty cash. The dollar amount was $22.22.
I looked up the number 2 and took away that it’s about my sensitivity being both a strength and a weakness.
I looked up the number 8 (the sum of string of numbers) and got this takeaway:

You attract financial success more than any other Life Path, but effort is required.
Your challenges in life are to achieve a high degree of detachment…

Today’s Oracle is very clear and I’m grateful.

– Went to bed last night after doing the 3 Fold Breath-work Meditation.
– 2 minutes of stretching before my shower.
– Chiropractic (NSA) session where I left it all on the table (and in the tissues that ended up in the trash). That work is amazing!
– While I was giving massages later, I focused my attention on body mechanics and how my body was feeling as I was doing the work.

Virtue: I made all my food and beverages so I wouldn’t have to buy anything while I was away from home for 12 hours.
Vice: See Confession above. And, I ate two peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzel bites (but that was my only sugar)

– I spent an hour clearing out my email inbox. Got half-way closer to the goal of 50 or less.
– Decided on a project within a project for this element.

I’ve been a Shiva and Ganesh girl since I’ve known of them (20 some years maybe). Saraswati has only recently installed Herself in my awareness. That Her name means “She who has Flow” makes me start to understand why She has entered my heart. Her dominion over art, music, speech and science is especially poignant.

– Got out of bed earlier than planned and got right on the computer to resolve some issues (see first element) and take some notes here.
– Was very efficient with time and effort at work.

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