harmonize with actuality

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Found myself wondering, anxiously, why I’m feeling a little melancholy this afternoon.

I noticed two strangers in front of me.

Two seats in front of me, a man was on an expensive “smart phone” with an “if found…” note hand written on a piece of medical tape stuck to the back. He was agitatedly twisting the frizzy hairs on the back of his neck. When he finished his call, he started twisting his sideburns in the same manner.
I thought to myself, “he’s so anxious”

The man sitting behind him was gently nodding his head along with the music coming from his headphones that was just barely audible to me. He was wearing a clean but faded hat, had soft eyes & wasn’t fidgeting at all.
I thought to myself, “he’s feeling good”

From those observations, I came to the decision to put on my headphones & get a little company from music.

Then I thought that I could have it all wrong.
The man “feeling good” could have been grieving, or on his way to an uncomfortable meeting…
The “anxious” man could have been full if excitement while he was on his way to meet a date or to get his haircut.

The soothing balm of The Dining Rooms Other Ink filled my sound field as I came upon @vesper7’s Twitter post with this quote:

Don’t cling or hold on to anything. Harmonize with actuality, with things just as they are. -Buddha

And so, I decided to record this series of moments, so as to harmonize with actuality.

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