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harmonize with actuality

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Found myself wondering, anxiously, why I’m feeling a little melancholy this afternoon. I noticed two strangers in front of me. Two seats in front of me, a man was on an expensive “smart phone” with an “if found…” note hand written on a piece of medical tape stuck to the back. He was agitatedly twisting […]

Pear upside-down cake


I think I perfected the recipe… Grilled pears Nutmeg caramel Organic pistachios

Summer flavor

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I just made the below image my phone wallpaper & am caught up in the viscerality of my sense memory of summers past. Summer has always been my favorite season. My birthday is in the beginning of June and always brings with it the feeling of fresh, bright, fun times. It’s the start of summer […]

Dream Journal – Entry 07

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The other day I woke up to a dream where a group of friends and I were flying around without assistance. It was natural to us but also fun and exciting. We were practicing our techniques and it felt super realistic ie angling forward or backward, moving the arms to turn, etc. When we landed, […]