Dream Journal – Entry 02

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I was at a cafe.
It was bright and sunny.
I was working there.
Took customer order and gave it to the person responsible.
Discovered two beautiful butterflies – one purples and one pinks – as big as my hand. Followed them for some time, happily trying to get a photo of them on my hand but they would not land on it. Then I discovered we had a fence covered in a flowering plant that butterflies like and I relaxed knowing that they’d be around for me to look at so I didn’t need a photo to remember them.
Then Kyle Thompson came out asking me where the iced tea for the customers was – he was a little harried energetically. I worried about it and when I got to the iced tea area, the person responsible was just taking the tray to the customers and I relaxed, knowing that I’d done it right.

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