First training weekend!

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On Saturday, Shannon took me to Marin for my second long ride ever and first training ride for ALC! We drove to Nicasio and then biked about 28 miles r/t to Pt. Reyes.
Shanny encouraged me to leave behind my “civilian” hoodie (cotton, not cycle worthy) but I held firm and am so grateful as it was pretty cold in the shade and slight wind. The sun did warm us occasionally and overall I was totally comfortable – Shanny was a bit cold as the last time he’d done that ride it was 90 degrees and he didn’t think he’d need a long sleeved jersey this time.
The ride went really well except for two things: one, we ate too much for lunch at the half way point so I was exhausted for the first five miles or so on the way back; two, about a mile from the car I bonked (ie. hit the wall, ran out of juice, etc) and stopped without warning. This caused us to crash and drop our bikes – with no harm to body or bike, just ego.
“You need to tell me when you’re going to stop!”
“You need to get off my butt!”
I rested for a bit and was able to make it to the car without further incident.
We made up and went to dinner at the wonderful Avatar’s in Sausalito – YUM! Pumpkin/Dungeness Crab enchilada, lentil soup and samosa with yougurt and tamarind sauce. We had the Avatar’s Dream for dessert and it was awesome. We highly recommend this restaurant if you like Indian food and creativity in food preparation.
Sunday was a day of running errands, our favorite being a stop at Performance Bicycle to check out their jerseys (I’ve been riding in a cycle sports bra with t-shirt). Of course, they’re having a big sale right now so I was able to come away with a fun flourescent yellow sleeveless jersey and Shanny sponsored me with a super cute black short sleeved jersey covered in polka dots and rings. We were saying that it’s totally able to go from bike straight to dinner (as long as no one questions the pockets on the back… 🙂
Now I have real cycling jerseys to go with my tights, socks (one pair with pirate kitties, one pair with flying pigs) and shoes. I’m getting all professional n’ stuff!
Thanks everyone for your support – it’s awesome to see how quickly my thermometer is filling up! Hopefully, I can pull together $1k by November 30th so I can get the ALC messenger bag that they’ve incentivised us with…

Wanna help me reach my goal?

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