what if

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if i wear flowers and vanilla
and see your skin in my milky tea

if i paint my nails the way you would
and wear my clothes as if they are yours

if i dream of you when out of body
and spend waking hours longing for those dreams

if i share your soul
with the rest of the family
but not so much this body

will i still be part of us
will we still take journeys together
make plans and strategies
etherically working the physical
enjoying existence
not looking at a goal
but simply be-ing because


have i forgotten a plan
that was laid
aeons before

am i stuck
for something we planned
i would simply appreciate
when i could

i don’t remember home
as much as i’d like
but i know i want to go there
to re-read the plans
to re-feel the task
to be re-minded that this is a joyful existence

but i do go there
without my body

sometimes you are there with me
re-minding me of the sweetness

the body waking is then oh so bitter


what if insanity really does run in the family
and these are just the rantings of
a mad mind
that simply cannot capture
the ease of this place, this body, this task, this connection

i’m sure i’ve got plenty of time
to work it all out

isn’t that the plan?

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1 Response to “what if”

  1. Tracy Kauffman Wood

    I like this. I like your style. I’m enjoying your blog!