JOB: A comedy of Justice

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Robert A. Heinlein wrote a novel with that name in the 80’s and I just finished reading it in oh seven and it was amazing. So much of it fit right in with today’s perspective, as most of Heinlein’s books (that I’ve read) do.

There was a section in the middle, near the beginning of the end, where I got irritated with the main character but the end wrapped it all up for me. I think I was “supposed” to get irritated with him. Anyone who’s interested in alternative views on traditional religions will appreciate this novel – anyone who likes to dissect Christianity and it’s rules will appreciate it even more.

This is a pretty perfect book and I’m super glad that my cosmic friend Obvious told me about it, and encouraged me to read it by telling me he dug it. It’s probably one of the first books I’ve read where the end left me feeling satisfied, and not longing for more time with my new friends.

You can probably find it in any library, if you don’t want to part with your hard earned sheckles. It’s a long book but I read it quick – it was all I wanted to do in my down time.

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