no no, thank YOU!

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I’ll be out of town, out of the country, for a week to celebrate the idea of thankfulness.

Here are the things I’m most thankful for right now:
my friends who allow me to be me and who are just beautiful being who they are
my family who are always full of love
my new career
my new job within the realm of the above two
my goals
my five year plan
travelling with my honey
borrowing books from the library for travel reading
80 degree days and 40 degree nights (farenheit)
no plan plans
$1 = ~10 pesos
$45 1 1/2 hour massages

In the somewhat remote mountain town in Mexico, I’m sure there is some internet but I see no reason to access it when I’ve only got six days to soak up my first experience in a country that doesn’t speak English as a first language.
Fortunately, my man does and I’m really good at talking with my hands.

I’m sure I’ll post photos eventually upon my return.

If you comment on this or my page and don’t see it, that’s because I have to approve all of that communication and that won’t happen until the 27th.
(tho, I bet I’ll log on before I head out tomorrow afternoon… maybe… if I ever log off and go pack…)

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