overwhelmed by isness (a process documentation)

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incarnation is hard
working out this whole “human” thing
is labyrinthine

i’ve been told that i’m no good at killing the minotaur
(or the medusa
or however the myth goes)

but I’m still in the middle of the battle
and the battle is evermore.
or, at least, until I get over the drama of the body…

[insert angels laughing riotously
dripping their effervescent tears onto my head
to remind me of home
and why I’m here]

[meanwhile, back on the battlefield:]
the mirror is being aimed
the light is reflecting and finding it’s target
the medusa is shattering
the minotaur has a broken leg
at least
maybe even lost an eye
his tail is definitely shorter than it was

i feel overwhelmed by being in a body
overwhelmed by having a heart
overwhelmed by calls to integrity and goodness

they make sure that
every step is weighed
every thought analyzed
every interaction graded
processing is constant
learning is ever-present

silence does not exist here anymore
i’m so tired

“i jus wan take nap rih her”

(quoting my youth
lighting a cigarette off of the one i wasn’t even finished smoking
was what i did when drunk at a party)
am i drunk on the heaviness of existence?
am i regretting taking the drink of incarnation?
am i losing my ground-ded-ness?
“life’s ups and downs are easy when you have a fast car”
is written on a card
magnetized to the fridge
at my borrowed sanctuary
where I go to feel loved and open
and give thanks for the opportunity
to throw my arms wide and let go

yeah, let’s go
let’s use that fast car and go for a drive
blast the tunes
throw open the sunroof
drink wine
hit the beach
breathe clean air

{this has been an active process by adrienecrimson – we hope you enjoyed the ride – to some art is about process rather than outcome, hence the first draft quality of this collection of words}

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