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self excoriation reaches well beyond the dermis, perhaps even as far as…

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…to the smooth, cardiac muscle. the basementtho furnishedseemed without egress that girl down therewith all sweetness and lightfeels no roomfor bitter and dark meringue irish stout can they not be favored by a similar palate?do they not serve similar, yet completely different epicurian purposes? would the basementbe of increased interestwith a window? would the girlend […]

surreal cereal 001

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a certain solitude of the soul filled existance jungle music heals starting from outside vibratory planes and slowly filling up the holes shoes help support the bottom of your soul’s feet’s shadow

short and sweet

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I feel like I’m blindfolded in the land of opportunity, playing marco polo with my destiny.

liquids and gemstones

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sometimeswhen i close my eyesi see moving images * * * tonighti sawupas if from the bottom of a wine glassand a blue, faceted jewelwas being dropped into the liquid thru which i was looking * * * wandering around my islandon an early winter evethe light rainpeppering my face with itselfand the full moon […]

a poem

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An eloquent friend of mine, Kilowatt, always posts the most amazing quotes and thoughts. This poem really spoke to me and I wanted to keep it close so i could read it a few hundred times and maybe understand it a little. Enjoy. Woven of Flame and Snow Finding her body wovenAs if of flame […]

recent events in haiku

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today:flipping thru a booktime to turn to the next page;i reach for my mouse two days ago:tried on boots todaytoo bad they were not perfect.i am very sad off and on but regularly (and cheesily expressed):wishing for a causebut only receive a pause;my shoulders drop down two weeks ago:fall in the city,like summer on the […]

all i need is what i had

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it’s as if last november were still hereon the way to the cove of memoryto process a finished loveand feed the intertidal life air: merely coldlight: x-rays into my longingness then the tears came with no controlthe tears now are less tho sourced similarly then: survival modeinnards exposed without interpretation or understanding now:the girl with […]


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I know why they call it a fast.When I dramatically change the way I eatfor just a few days at a timeeverythingmovessomuchfastermy mind, my feet, my mouth, my wit, my appetite i remember once being on a juice fast in fairfield.i bought freshly juiced beets and carrotsdrank one little bottle every 30 mini hadsomuchenergy an […]


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focusmy dear friendwhere have you gone i vaguely recollect a timewhen the honor of your presencedidn’t require steeped, fermented tea leaves [with sugar and milk] perhapsonce i’ve cleared the tablea bityou’ll return of your own volition until thenmy elusive friend will that be one lumpor two?

true wisdom

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the wisdom of the agesis contained herein look closely grasshoppertake notesand do be this this is your liberation {thank you miss mila for being my muse for a minute}