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longing for Long – pt.1

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First off, I have to say that there are at least five Long Islands in MAINE alone so please don’t say “don’t you mean New York?” like most of the fools I’ve told about my childhood home say to me. Anywho…My dad built this amazingly weird and wonderful house (that some said was actually a […]


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as i put on my coat today, i had to hold on to the cuffs of my sweater so that they wouldn’t get caught in the sleeves and i remembered when i used to wear mittens that had a string attaching them that ran accross my shoulders and thru the arms of my coat. this […]

liquids and gemstones

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sometimeswhen i close my eyesi see moving images * * * tonighti sawupas if from the bottom of a wine glassand a blue, faceted jewelwas being dropped into the liquid thru which i was looking * * * wandering around my islandon an early winter evethe light rainpeppering my face with itselfand the full moon […]


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1. I’m having a bowl of trader joes mango passionfruit granola for lunch at 2:55pm 2. When I started living on my own at 17, I made up a pancake that consisted of the following: butter on the pan, arrowhead mills multigrain pancake mix, made thick, on top of bubbly butter, granola sprinkled onto/into pancake […]

all i need is what i had

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it’s as if last november were still hereon the way to the cove of memoryto process a finished loveand feed the intertidal life air: merely coldlight: x-rays into my longingness then the tears came with no controlthe tears now are less tho sourced similarly then: survival modeinnards exposed without interpretation or understanding now:the girl with […]

i used to call my father bupa

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[This is a rather long post, btw, with some really personal stuff at the bottom – so, if you’re not interested in this story because it’s not about me, scroll to the bottom] So, I get this esoteric spiritual email from a friend – “little story I thought you’d like” was the subject line. Cynicism […]