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Rock Steady


Shannon has a little medley he likes to sing every once in a while.It goes like this:“Solid. Solid as a rock, steady, steady rockin’ all night long.” I can’t remember why it came up tonight but we realized it’s a medley of two songs from the 80s that use “rock” in the chorus so off […]

ALC8 wrap up….finally


AIDS/Lifecycle 8 was a mixed bag for me starting with fundraising finishing with the ride itself. – I wanted to raise $5k and made it as far as $3600, which is awesome, just not what I was aiming for. – I had physical challenges that kept me off of the bike for about 160 of […]

Cycling Buddies

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These are my teammates. My coach, riding buddy, partner and best friend, Shanny Bannanny Sis Boom Bammy aka Shannon Shalako. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t feel as prepared as I do for this crazy seven day ride from SF to LA! realistic energy chew, no? Justine Bateman Veber, Jetson, Juicy, or Justin Case, […]

Almost a century

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On Monday, May 4th, Shannon and I had biking fittings with the awesome Lorri Lee Lown, of Velogirls – Northern California’s largest women’s cycling club. Shannon discovered her on the ALC8 discussion forum when she responded to his post regarding his saddle. He told me about her because he knew that I needed a proper […]

4 reasons why I’m excited

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1. I just found a set of glow-in-the-dark rosary beads on the ground in the parking lot and they are still rubber banded and in a little zip lock bag. I’ve always thought the glow-in-the-dark Christian artifacts seemed a little strange and now I have some of my own little-strange-Christian-artifact to make art with!The bag […]


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Seven things I like to do while riding my bicycle: 1. give out tickets, in my head, to douchebags not doing things according to standard, ticketable, traffic laws. 2. fart – it’s the funnest place to fart – except for maybe around the campfire. 3. sing a song that goes “la la la la” 4. […]


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Ten of my favorite experiences with my breath 1. when I’ve had some wine and I exhale deeply I really enjoy the quality of my breath. 2. when I’ve been dancing for hours and feeling the music and my body and my breath takes over and it’s deep and full and loud – then I […]

reflecting on the changes of the last decade and a half

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15 years ago compared to now .:my mom keeps telling her friends that they can’t trust me anymore and then she giggles. fun little jokester former hippy mom. i don’t think she trusted me much when I was 15..:i still like birthday cake AND cookies on my birthday..:shiny red flats and a black and white […]

things I saw at the park

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it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day, and my roommate and I went to brunch. we ate brunch inside and then decided to go to the park. we saw my bike messenger friend by the video store. we all decided to get ice cream and then go to the park – my friend would meet […]

Teary Eyed at Work

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this story made me so happy that i got misty eyed at the spa front desk. A Dog Named Hero