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Dream Journal – Entry 03

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1.From someplace extremely high above a city, we jumped. As if skydiving, with thrill and safety.Sylvia led the way. I screamed in stomach flip-flopping fear/excitement.It was scary but fun.A red metal structure made of bars came zooming into view, still very far away from the tops of skyscrapers. I got nervous about landing on it […]

Dream Journal – Entry 02

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I was at a cafe. It was bright and sunny. I was working there. Took customer order and gave it to the person responsible.Discovered two beautiful butterflies – one purples and one pinks – as big as my hand. Followed them for some time, happily trying to get a photo of them on my hand […]

Dream Journal – Entry 01 [dreaming is such a tease]

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I’ve had some seriously deranged dreams lately. I even had “the strangest dream I’ve ever had” – which is pretty monumental considering I’ve had many, many strange dreams. One of my favorite of the recent dream selections involved someone who has written me off in waking reality, communicating to me in pictograms that she’s warming […]