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self portrait challenge – bathroom


this is my first contribution to self portrait challenge. i’ve completed the challenge in the past, just not gone all the way to posting here. i found the bathroom topic to be intriguing for a few reasons. the first being that i love the bathroom here at my boyfriend’s apartment and was excited to photo-document […]

while you were away

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wanting to write a poem to encompass the depth and breadth of emotions i’ve been feeling lately, yet feeling trite, saccharine and obvious, i chose to read instead. i happened upon this poem in the May 2007 issue of The Sun that somehow helped me feel slightly less singular. while you were awayby Richard Newman […]

things I saw at the park

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it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day, and my roommate and I went to brunch. we ate brunch inside and then decided to go to the park. we saw my bike messenger friend by the video store. we all decided to get ice cream and then go to the park – my friend would meet […]

Mexican thankfulness in photos

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Click any image to see it larger on flickr. 🙂 Ventilation and Awe Doors Patterns and Lines Reflected Selves Ancient structures

overwhelmed by isness (a process documentation)

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incarnation is hardworking out this whole “human” thingis labyrinthine i’ve been told that i’m no good at killing the minotaur(or the medusaor however the myth goes) but I’m still in the middle of the battleand the battle is evermore.or, at least, until I get over the drama of the body… [insert angels laughing riotouslyknowinglylovinglydripping their […]

music makes me feel better

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1a. grumplesaurus all day (gawd I can’t wait to be done with this job – only 20 more working days…) decided to take a very small check to the bank just to get out of this office.couldn’t resist the mega media store “sale” on “80s” stuff I walked out with a flatter wallet and three […]

longing for Long – pt.2

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I was born in Portland, the town this island used to be a part of (until they seceded on July 1, 1995 – which makes the week of the 4th of July every year since, a bit hazy for most residents). My parents broke up after three years of my life and my mom took […]


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i see dead animals on an almost weekly basis in this extremely dirty city. there’s something so interesting about death that i have to photograph it. i choose the camera phone over the digi cam on purpose – the grains are necessary.

kinda sad, kinda pretty pt II

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kinda sad, kinda pretty

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How do legos get spilled onto a crosswalk next to the Embarcadero?