Project 40.01.14

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Fire Flys

Did a search for fire/images and this one caught my eye. Happens to have been shot by a former employer, who has an excellent talent with a camera that I heretofore was unaware of! Thanks, Shims!

Origins of this project can be read here.

I get more and more comfortable with the idea that I’m not as smart as I always thought I was.

I opened a Chogyam Trungpa book as a search for Oracle and wasn’t clear on what I was reading. He was discussing emptiness in fullness. Interesting ideas to ponder, that, I think, I’d already been pondering. That being has quite an extensive mind.

Wore my shoes today at work (in a shoes-off-if-you-don’t-mind environment) as I needed more support.

Virtue: My smoothy is super healthful and gives me sustained, happy energy thru the day without a caffeine crash.
Vice: Judgemental thoughts.

I let go of hesitation I had about talking to a new therapist. My appointment is on 40.01.22. Good.

My great friend and brother-like entity, Justin, sent me this amazing video.

(if you’re feeling impatient for something cool, skip ahead to 2:00. I also mute their soundtrack as it’s not at all what I would have chosen)
Anywho, I thanked him and commented on it being a great combination of Agni and Vayu.
Here’s a great image of Vayu, with the god depicted in a way I’d never thought to imagine.

I guess there’s some game out there where Vayu is a very powerful character. You can read his traits here. Thanks, John, for the image and info.

I’ve known of Agni for some time but it’s not until looking into this after Justin and I chatted about his not knowing what I was talking about, that I realize how close to Agni I’ve always been.

Thank you, Chaturangan, for posting this amazing depiction of Agni by Ali Harwood.

Agni…is the messenger who carries the oblation from humans to the gods, bringing the gods to sacrifice, and interceding between gods and humans (RgV.1.26.3). When Agni is pleased, the gods are generous.
In Hindu scriptures, Agni [has]…seven hands…seven fiery tongues with which he licks sacrificial butter…Seven rays of light emanate from his body.

I am all about the number 7 and I love to cook with butter.
I’ve been playing with and fascinated by fire since I was old enough to be allowed to play with it.
I sculpted candles using the candle flame for hours as a young teenager.
I learned to light a fireplace fire when I was 10.
When there is a controlled fire anywhere near me, I gravitate to it and stare into it for as long as I can. I love to move the fuel around to feed the fire better.
I once had a telepathic conversation with a friend while we both stared into the glowing, hot coals inside a wood stove.
I’ve been dreaming of getting a tattoo of fire but have not been able to figure out what.
Every day at work, I light the candle on the altar in my room and place it in front of the Tara sculpture. I put my hands together in front of me and close my eyes for, sometimes, only a few moments. These moments are always very transcendant.

Agni has come to me to let me know that my realization on Saturday is the best offering to the gods I can make right now. I am definitely offering it up by looking into the experience/realization for what my greatest lesson could be from it. I plan on growing leaps and bounds with the help of my forthcoming therapy.

I was super on it today. I had a list of items to complete today and got them all done in 7.97 hours. POW.

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