Project 40.01.13

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Origins of this project can be read here.

This is what a blossom looks like.

In the past, I’ve held myself together when I went to therapy. I’m going to start again and will try less holding. I’m terrified that I will combust if I do this.


I realized that I didn’t need to learn more – I needed to learn differently.
Sister Wendy

Rode my bike a little bit. Drank water all day.

Vice: wanted to watch guilty pleasure TV all day.
Virtue: actually went out to get library books and ended up only watching one guilty pleasure TV show

I let go, a little bit, of trying to control the situation.

Watched two episodes of Sister Wendy and learned some of her fun, sweet perspectives on art.

Describing a portion of a page in Queen Isabella’s stunning illuminated Catholic prayer book from the 1500’s, she said:

Violence always wants to erupt and can only be contained by creativity.

This really spoke to me.

I did about three hours of work today and the structure of collating information was grounding and helpful for my mind.

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