Project 40.01.07

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Luminosity exists at its height when aligned with its shadow.

When I feel as bright and balanced as I do right now, there’s a nudge in the back of my mind (heart?) that is full of shadow. I’m okay with being unable to escape this shadow – but I do wish to understand it better and, therefore, feel more comfortable holding its hand.

I am my own oracle. The flow of day to day life, from one thing to the next, with tiny miracles at every moment, is all I need.

Applied HEAL to my neck and upper back while at work. Thought about when I’ll make time to go to yoga this week – Friday, if I get cash tips Thursday night.

Virtue: No sugar! Gonna start a cleanse!
Vice: Moved a little more slowly this morning than I would have liked – this got me home after 9pm which is later than I like to return on a Wednesday.

A flat tire on my bike, that I hadn’t ridden for over a month (due to my saddle being stolen twice in a month) until today, didn’t even break my stride. Indeed, I even laughed about it!

Shiva and Ganga, of course. I have a lovely, illustrated book telling the story of the goddess Ganga and Her relationship to Lord Shiva. The book is safely tucked away in my storage unit so I cannot share a quality scan.

This is the best I could find online in a short search.

The short version of the story is that Ganga was angry to have to incarnate on Earth and Lord Shiva caught her in his “matted locks” and started Her river from a drop squeezed from a single lock. Had Her initial velocity been allowed, She would have drowned all of Earth.

I could go on and on about how much I love Shiva but I’ll let you do your own research.

The point of this story is that I’m learning to use Shiva energy to channel the Ganga energy of my Soul’s calling.

I had a lot to do today and got thru quite a bit of it. I allow myself to move slowly, at my own pacing and this allows me to work for over 9 hours without fatigue.

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