Project 40.01.06

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin

It’s very hard for me to trust men.

The Downton Abbey bug has bit me. I resisted for some time and finally succumbed and am watching Season 1 online – slowly (three episodes in a few months).
Tonight, Mr. Carson said to Mrs. Huges…

What would be the point of living if we didn’t let life change us?

…and I couldn’t agree more.

Had an Ortho Bionomy session with a friend from my chiropractor’s office. It was pretty deep and subtle at the same time. I’m looking forward to remembering my dreams in the morning…

Virtue: no sugar at all today – hardly even craved it after dinner either.
Vice: I watched some TV tonight. After all that thinking about Lilith, I saw the latest episode of True Blood. This season is shaping up to be quite a doozy (and that’s all I’ll say!)

I let go of a bit of holding in my neck. At least, I’ve become willing to be willing to let it go. If the spiritual implications are accurate, it might take a bit of time and I’m okay with whatever pace it would like to release.

When tragedy happens, I like it when people of influence do something to cheer people up. I like it even more when people of influence do something to help create a safer existence for everyone.

– I allowed ease to happen by giving myself the time I needed before getting on to my tasks.
– Had a list of things to do & I did them without doing much extra – which is sometimes a challenge.
– I made a list of things to do tomorrow so when I get my day started, it’ll flow more easily.

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