Project 40.01.05

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Lilith, by Susan Seddon Boulet

In accepting my darkness, I give my light room to shine.

When I’m feeling dark, it’s close to impossible for me to recognize my light (see previous posts for evidence). When the light returns, I feel relief and frustration that I cannot work with the darkness more effectively.

– I looked at the clock at 12:34 which always makes me smile. It is the universe telling me “you’re all right.”
– From Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Facebook page:

During these times of deep transformation, here’s a good affirmation to say repeatedly morning and night– so your intellect can loosen its death grip of fear and lack from your life: “I am always aligned with the Divine- and the deepest desires of my heart manifest magically and in unexpected ways.”

90 minute deep tissue massage and energy work on my shoulders and neck with the amazing Kat Page. It was a real joy to work with her. I had an emotional release that lasted about one minute and started with sobs and ended with joyful laughter. Hours later, over dinner, I had another laughter release that brought tears to my eyes.

– Stocked up on greens and organic meats at Bi Rite.
– Stayed positive for my entire shift, even tho I had pretty intense cramps and a full schedule.
– For my lunch break, I set my phone to wake me up at the end of my required 30 minute break. This allowed me to have a lovely, dream filled, power nap on my massage table.
I ate approximately 1/3 cup of dark chocolate. This is a lot more than I’ve been having in the last week.

While I was on the massage table under Kat’s care (see Body above), I let go of some pain from being born. Pretty profound stuff – I physically felt like a baby for a few moments.

– I was thinking a lot about yesterday and Lilith kept coming into mind. I’d read a little bit about her when I was writing/researching Project 40.01.02 but it didn’t resonate at the time. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense:

Lilith’s presence symbolizes a dark time of fear or desolation.

and then further in her tale

I am the darkness that balances the light to make Wisdom. The Tree at the center is my home, and my garden is lush and luxuriant and free, fantastic with the growth and death of the living things of this profound and sacred Earth.

In Susan Seddon Boulet’s Goddess Deck, she says this about Lilith:

Lilith is associated with the lotus and the symbolism of that flower tells us much about her. The lotus, an exquisite flower that grows out of dark, rank, decaying earth, represents spiritual unfolding and the blossoming of the heart of wisdom. Like the lotus, Lilith challenges us to look upon our dark side and incorporate it into our wholeness so that our great beauty can blossom forth

I’m pretty stoked for that inspiration, for sure. I do so dig on that dark stuff.

-A sweet friend posted this to his blog and when I watched it first thing this morning, it did make me smile and have a couple of happy tears. I love that it’s the Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day.

I fit a 30 minute task into 20 minutes and a couple of 60 minute tasks into 50, all with ease and comfort for all involved.

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