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Dream Journal – Entry 08

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I’m at an old school all night party in a high school gym. There are giant containers of commercial candy everywhere. I’m gathering up one of each of the flavors that intrigue me – I wish I could remember the names – they were crazy! Someone had said something about some of the candy being […]

Aperture of the Soul

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Comments on my previous post inspired me to feel a little deeper into certain aspects of life and how change comes about, whether we want it or not. I mentioned to Jim that there must exist “an aperture of the soul” that we can adjust when a new focus is needed. This made me think […]

Unresolved In Your Heart


I’ve been feeling a little off lately and think it’s because I’m having some trouble with my wrists which is making me both nervous about working as well as less inclined to get exercise. I decided to go to yogatothepeople today for a yoga class (gotta run – it’s in 30 min) and on their […]