Dream Journal – Entry 03

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From someplace extremely high above a city, we jumped. As if skydiving, with thrill and safety.
Sylvia led the way. I screamed in stomach flip-flopping fear/excitement.
It was scary but fun.
A red metal structure made of bars came zooming into view, still very far away from the tops of skyscrapers. I got nervous about landing on it as it seemed a dangerous thing to land upon.
Syl reached out and grabbed the top handle-like bar and the dream changed before we landed.

Searching thru an apartment building that looked like an old hotel and the Paramount in Oakland. I lived on the first floor but wandered around the stairways and elevators for a while, getting confused about apt numbers and floor numbers.
Found apartment.
Long hallway with rooms at the ends and off sides. Living room had a dozen (give or take) black dining chairs, all standing upright, piled all over the room.

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