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Ten of my favorite experiences with my breath

1. when I’ve had some wine and I exhale deeply I really enjoy the quality of my breath.

2. when I’ve been dancing for hours and feeling the music and my body and my breath takes over and it’s deep and full and loud – then I push harder. GAWD I miss that – it’s been years. SIGH.

3. when I’ve been sitting or lying down for a while and I get up and stretch and have a head rush because of the lack of breath – I always get in the most interesting head spaces that I wish I could record somehow.

4. one time, when I was in college, a friend walked me thru some healing exercise where I “hyper oxygenated my blood” by breathing fast and deep – it was a really wonderful experience and has been referenced a few times since in different healing experiences.

5. when I’m giving a client their shoulder massage and I take a deep breath at the same time, or just before, they do. that one makes me feel dharmic.

6. sharing breath with my partner is always dreamy when I enjoy it.

7. when taking a deep breath actually does clear my head and calm me down.

8. when I’m crying really hard and my breath has a shudder – it’s uncomfortable but satisfying somehow.

9. on a crisp, clear night when I’m riding my bike on a flat, straight road thru the trees as fast as I can go and I spontaneously take a huge deep breath.

10. one night in college, I tried to convince a friend that inhaling a puff of smoke and holding it as deeply as possible in the belly until a yawn comes was a really freeing way to get high. she told me that i should try getting naked and walking around the dining hall because, that too, would be a freeing experience.

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