self portrait challenge – food.01


The challenge for SPC this month is food.


I love food and I love photographing food and I love taking self portraits. I’ve just never focused on doing them together so this is super fun for me (rubs hands together with glee).

The hardest part of this challenge is choosing only one image to post here.
I’ve narrowed it down to just two1 and if you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear which is your favorite and why.

These two are from my “candy obsession” session. Feel free to click to see the image larger.

I like this one best for the composition overall, but I don’t like that the Cyprus Delight2 I’m pulling from the shelf is cut off.

I like this one best for the look on my face, the fun, sharp perspective and the fact that the Cyprus Delight is shown off better, but I don’t like the overhead light that’s, well, directly over my head.

1Actually, I wanted to share this one too because I felt like a 10 year old when I was shooting this part of the “candy obsession” series. I was giggling and trying to get the chocolate to show without it looking too gross. Then my man walked into the kitchen and said “are you taking pictures of yourself stuffing chocolate into your mouth?” and just kind of shook his head and laughed as I cracked up. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was a super deep, belly laugh and it felt really good. Be forewarned, if you click thru to the larger image, it might gross you out like it did him. I think it’s hilarious and it makes me giggle to look at it.

2similar to Turkish Delight, a la The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, only made in Cyprus instead. I got it at Bi Rite Creamery and it’s got lots of yummy bergamot flavor – deelish.

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6 Responses to “self portrait challenge – food.01”

  1. Un Jour...

    Hi there!! Thank you for the comment:) I love your chocolate eating images and what your man said as well, very cute!!!!

  2. Miriam

    I actually like the third one the best! I love that…my husband does that too…last month with the bathroom, oy!

  3. kimberley

    Thanks for the candid glimpse into the world of candy obsession 🙂

    I like the second picture best, its got a playful look to it.

    The stuffing chocolate picture and your husbands remark made me laugh out loud.

    I’m new to SPC, hope to eventually have as much courage as so many of you do!

  4. Vedrana M.

    fun photos, just great 🙂 they’re all wonderful…

  5. p

    i love all of these, but especially the third one. and i really must find some cypress delight. seriously.

  6. Jan9flygirl

    A – I like them all but think you could push it more. The 3rd one is getting there with the laughter and you feeling silly. Let a go a bit more – I mean its candy!!!
    love you