my first time Critical Mass attendance…

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…was on the 15th anniversary!

Before last night, every time Critical Mass would take to the streets, I would be otherwise engaged and would either watch from a window or not even know it was happening.
Yesterday, I got finished work early and was ready to ride at 6:15 – I even got to start with the rest of the group. The starting with the rest of the group thing wasn’t ideal as we were unfortunately stuck in an inbetween spot where there weren’t masses of bikes around us. Tho, there were some awesome “traffic holders” that would post up in front of oncoming traffic so we could fly thru the red lights, hooting, hollering and ringing bells. Drivers seemed incredibly patient the whole time my man and I were riding.

At one point, the group in front of us decided to wait for the group behind us to catch up, then it became really fun. There were two police officers on bikes in the ranks – not sure if they were “participants” in the sense that everyone else was, but they didn’t hassle anyone. Actually, at one point, we heard an ambulance coming and a bunch of bikes stopped the rest of us so we could let it pass. The cops on bikes were the only ones who crossed around the bikes holding us up and in front of the Ambulance – ironic.

We split from the group near Lower Haight slash Duboce Triangle

when hunger took over and headed back to The Mission for cheesesteaks and the best garlic fries on the planet at Jay’s.

When we were in Lost Weekend Video choosing the night’s entertainment, the whole group came by again – which was super fun because we then got to be the peds on the sidelines cheering them on.
That’s when I heard someone say that it was the 15th anniversary of the fun “sociodynamic” experiment. I’d link you to the “official” CM website but it seems that the unofficial, official website hasn’t been maintained.

Yay for peaceful anarchic gatherings based on cycling!

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