longing for Long – pt.2

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I was born in Portland, the town this island used to be a part of (until they seceded on July 1, 1995 – which makes the week of the 4th of July every year since, a bit hazy for most residents). My parents broke up after three years of my life and my mom took me to Philly with her. I would return to this island in summers and for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas and Spring school breaks.

Long Island, Maine, Casco Bay

1. my dad’s house (see previous post for more details) which he says he only built for me.

2. where my best friends, Heather and Sadhana, lived. I’ve been friends with them since day one of this incarnation. They’re 11 months older than me and their parents were best friends with mine so my idea is my mom met them and said to my dad “lets have a baby too” and two months of trying later, viola, here comes me!

3. our friend Melissa’s house. She came along later. I was jealous of her for a while because I didn’t go to the island for a few summers (parental politics) and that’s when H & S became friends with her. I got over it eventually and we all had wonderful times walking around the island, in the middle of the street, of course, all night, drunk, and peeing outside, in the middle of the street, of course.

4. the cove where my dad anchored his boat and where he kept the canoe he used to get out to his boat. It wasn’t a great place to hang out unless we were getting into the boat but at high tide it was a wonderful place to look for rocks and shells.

5. This is NEW HILL – the best downhill biking EVER, EVER, EVER!!! The hill terminated, as you can see, just in front of a cove, so there was an abrupt turn – probably 85 degrees, so the adrenalyn would get pumping to make the turn without crashing at full speed. The goal was always to try to make it down the hill without using any breaks. i think I achieved that once or twice (I’m a chicken but I have scars on my knees from falling off my bike a few turns later because I went to fast while turning on sand! dammit!)

6. Big Sandy Beach – my favorite beach ever – the sand squeeks when you walk across it – my dad says it’s because aliens landed in the water next to it and charged it up. They also call it Singing Sands Beach. My dad would take us there in his truck – we’d stand in the back and jump out without him even having to stop.This is where the teenagers would have bonfires and drink at night. During the day there would be a volleyball net set up by our friend Seth who is sadly no longer in his body. 🙁 He was always so happy and fun to be around… but that’s another story.

7. Down Front – where the ferry boat would drop off and pick up. Also where the one grocery shop was and the bar, The Spa (pronounced “Spar”) which was also the only restaurant, which was connected to the post office. Edgar was the man who ran the little grocery store with the cement floor that always had sand on it in the summer that would feel so fun on our bare feet. We’d get half a popsicle – leave the other half for someone else – and put the charge on the family charge account. Once when we were at Big Sandy a lightening storm started in the blink of an eye – everyone left the beach to avoid electrocution and headed to Edgar’s (a whole mile away) and the road was steaming and we were rain soaked. H, S and I “took showers” under the rainspout that poure down hot rain from the roof of his store. The rain stopped and we all went back to the beach to pick up where we left off.

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