Confessions – my humble review

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I just got back from Madonna’s Confessions concert and I’m very pleased.
She didn’t open with a reading of her confessions like on her website, as I was hoping, maybe just because of how she opened Reinvenion, but she appeared from within a giant disco ball that descended from the ceiling – most likely, she was enclosed in that thing for at least an hour before starting the show – that alone is admirable, tho doesn’t make a concert…
The video of her with horses and equestrian accoutremont was fun but, as I will mention for other segments, our side, high view obscured at least half of the half circle screen that was above the stage so we missed out on some of the presentation. Her dancers danced on their hands and knees and moved as if they were horses – so far into the mime was one dancer that he had a saddle on his back and when on all fours, Mrs. Ritchie mounted it. Giggle. I liked that part.
Uh, I forget what song that was, maybe future lovers… oops.

She then had a video montage of kids in africa with a link ad for some organization I’ve never heard of – the clinton something dot org… she sang Live to Tell for that one. Again, the high side view obscured some of the text she posted and the video feed on the monitors only included the first statement.

There was also a spoken word bit that her dancers seemed to do – one by one they did very personal seeming dances while emotionally vulnerable monologues were played. I thought that was really sensitive and lovely, except that I didn’t understand a word of what the girl said – perhaps it was just too highly pitched for the audio system. Sigh.

She came out on a mirror tiled cross, standing on a platform with her hands propped in some hooks and the mic extended from the cross so that it was in front of her mouth – no headsets in this show. She actually encorporated the handing off of her microphone to her dancers when she needed both of her hands, into the coreography – just like the eternal bride she is.

Oh, that reminds me – she sang Like A Virgin with video of people falling off horses juxtaposed against images of x- rays – no clavical ones tho, just ribs, appendages and hips. I loved that – as if she was saying that her accident last year made her feel brand new “feels so good inside…”

She had some amazing dancer/acrobats during Jump. One stunning specimine was a beautiful brown man (they were all beautiful, different genders and colors [duh] and shirtless, with lots of dancer/acrobat muscles – woot) who jumped from the top of one jungle gym to another and then another and then off of it to a ping pong table (those are my shortcut descriptions). Her dancers were all edgy urban style – some post krumpers, some gettin’ their anger out thru insane full body movements, one did this really cool dance inside a cage (during the song Isaac – Isaac was there [duh] and sang very well with a stoic face) covered in some kind of hooded cape that she used beautifully.

She played some back up guitar as if she was lead guitar, haha, while her guitar teacher hung out on a bank of white speakers, in his white suit, playing his white acoustic guitar. It was sweet to see her play some rudimentary chords and effects and then leave it for him. I think he played on every song. Donna DeLory and a new Niki (Richards, instead of Haris) were there doing backup and a bit of dancin with her at the end.

1. “Future Lovers/I Feel Love”
2. “Get Together”
3. “Like A Virgin”
4. “Jump”
5. “Interlude (Dancer Confessions)”
6. “Live to Tell”
7. “Forbidden Love”
8. “Isaac”
9. “Sorry”
10. “Like It Or Not”
11. “Interlude (Sorry remix)”
12. “I Love New York”
13. “Ray of Light”
14. “Let It Will Be”
15. “Drowned World/Substitute For Love”
16. “Paradise (Not For Me)”
17. “Interlude”
18. “Music Inferno”
19. “La Isla Bonita”
20. “You Thrill Me/Erotica”
21. “Lucky Star”
22. “Hung Up”

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