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. :chocolate pecan pie without vanilla – kinda brownie like – homemade crust is much better than expected – missing the vanilla but loving the dagoba in pure form
. :birthday pajama party with giant, rubber, blue, nipply ball play (with photos!)
. :3rd grade jokes really make you laugh when you’re hiking in the berkeley hills
. :finding birthday gifts in five minutes and then seeing them be received with great enthusiasm
. :down to earth peeps
. :Joe from The Station Agent is my new hero from my new favorite movie
. :morning time schedules *almost* working perfectly
. :the block next to mine has lots of little colored lights up and the photos are really fun – working the shaky hand is my new favorite night time photo shoot.
. :shampoo/conditioner that smells like the tropics
. :warm, spiced mead
. :deep, wonderful, soulful conversations
. :eating all day long and loving it
. :riding bike to work again (no rain all week!)
. :being okay with not handling crises at work as well as I’d like – down with perfectionism!
. :getting over my aunt’s beratement for expressing myself in a form she doesn’t agree with
. :mac os x tiger dashboard weather report widget (say that 10 times fast!)
. :filling up my camera’s memory chip for the first time – kind of exciting!

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