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A friend of mine regularly blogs lists of things she likes versus things she’s not so into. In an attempt at being as rock star wonderful as she, here is one of my own, fresh just today.


my father pre 1986

the woman standing, stock still, in the Powell BART station this morning, singing acoustic


the ocean


my friend JM who is Hard Core anti-establishment and is all about helping others do the same while thriving in life

my “new” job

weekends filled with things to do – including extra income – but still time to chill

regulatory hormones


my father post 1986

the people who feel it necessary to cover the sidewalks with phlegm every morning so I have to tiptoe to work in my favorite (ie Friday) pants because they’re so long


instant devastation with no warning

the dominant paradigm

my “old” job

weekends without room to breathe

morning nausea

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