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I just installed a brand new under desk keyboard tray. I love it. My shoulders haven’t been this relaxed while typing, or perhaps at all, in at least two months.

Two months. That’s how long I’ve been working here and for all I care, it could end in 20 years and I’ll be psyched.

Another thing I “haven’t had in x amount of time” is a love for my income source.





I even told my boss, the CEO of the company, in an exhausted yet triumphant space, post holiday cocktail party clean up, that this is a “dream job.” He chuckled and said “Good – I’m glad to hear that.” I then went running down Mission Street to meet up with my dancing partners – with whom I had a fantabulous time until a mere 12:15am when I hopped on BART headed for my bed.

That night was one of my favorite nights in San Francisco. I felt like the hostess with the mostess or something “cliche” like that. I threw that damn party and the 1/4 of the invitees that showed up really seemed to enjoy themselves.

And, really, isn’t that what life is all about?

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